Polycart. Eco Friendly Plastic Shopping Cart for Retail.

The Polycart is the most efficient shopping cart from the environmental point of view. It is an eco friendly shopping cart in all the aspects of its lifespan: manufacturing, transport, use and recycling

Clean Manufacturing Process.

Made of 100% recyclable plastic. All manufacturing scrap parts are reground at our factory and recycled into other products that we make which don't need virgin raw materials.

Unlike the metallic shopping carts, no chrome plating processes are involved in the manufacturing of the Polycart, therefore it avoids entirely the use of chromic acid, hydrochloric acid, nickel chloride, nickel metal, nickel sulfate or sodium bisulphate and the corresponding residues.

The manufacturing process of plastic injection molding involves and efficient and responsible use of water, which is only intended for the refrigeration of the moulds in a closed circuit. No toxic substance is ever dumped to the water.

Clean Production Process.  Plastic Shopping Carts for Retail

Transportation Efficiency.

The weight of the Polycart is around one third of that of the metallic cart.

The nesting distance of the Polycart is minimum (160 mm., 200 mm. or 250 mm. depending on the model). This allows a larger amount of plastic shopping carts per truck or container.

Transportation Efficiency  Transportation Efficiency

Longer Lifespan. Triple of that of the Conventional Shopping Carts.

Minimum steal rate, since the Polycart is an all plastic shopping cart, it isn't worthy as metal scrap.

The Polycart never rusts. It doesn't need to be chrome plated repeatedly in order to enlarge its lifespan. Consequently it prevents from the dump of toxic substances to water.

Due to the memory features of polypropylene, the Polycart never looses its original shape. The Polycarts always nest and denest smoothly and easily. The chassis never looses its shape, therefore the castors are always well aligned, avoiding the annoying diagonal advance effect typical of the shopping carts with metallic chassis that get distorted by bumps during its normal use.

The Polycart isn't worthy as metal scrap

Easier and cleaner recycling process.

The whole shopping cart is made of plastic.

There are recycling plants for plastic in all the main cities, unlike metalurgical furnaces which are placed in just some cities. This means an important saving in transportation of the materials to be recycled. Weighting the Polycart much less than the metallic shopping cart, the amount of plastic shopping carts that can be recycled for the same weight is much larger.

Polycart, Super Eco Friendly all plastic shopping cart for retail

Polycart, shopping carts

Polycart, very comfortable shopping carts