Polycart. Shopping Carts

Polycart. All Plastic Shopping Trolleys

Polycart shopping carts are the lighter and most robust of the new generation of all plastic shopping carts which make the act of shopping an easier, more comfortable and pleasant experience.

Polycart - Shopping Carts

Made in plastic and customized to any corporate color, they feature many benefits.

Benefits for the Stores

  • Minimum steal rate. Not worthy as metal scrap.
  • Long lasting. Never rust. 3 year warranty.
  • Never lose their original shape. Castors always well aligned and easy nesting and denesting.
  • Safer for the store's facilities and fixtures. They minimize damages due to impacts.
  • Attractive design, very identifiable and distinguishing.
  • Source of income. Prepared to be a communication mean with display panels.
  • Light weight. Easier for line transport.
  • Space and transport savings. Minimum nesting distance.
  • Robust. Compact.
  • Made in Valencia (Spain) according to the quality requirements for ISO 9001:2000 and the European Norm on shopping carts UNE EN 1929-1.
  • Future ready. 100% compatible with automated checkout with RFID scanning.

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Benefits for the Shoppers

  • Comfortable. Easy to handle and maneuver. The end of the annoying diagonal advance typical of metal carts. No wheel wobbling.
  • Light weight. A loaded Polycart weighs less than an empty metallic shopping cart.
  • Silent.
  • Safer for children.
  • No static electric sparks.
  • Material and color pigments approved for food contact.
  • Lack of sharp edges.
  • They minimize impact damages on people and vehicles.
  • High quality casters with bearings and hubcaps to prevent thread tangling.
  • Recyclable. Eco Friendly. Important reduction of energetic consumption in manufacturing, transport and recycling.

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