Polycart. A Whole Cart Full of Benefits

Polycart Benefits

The Polycarts feature many benefits both for the stores as well as for the shoppers.

Benefits for the Stores

The shopping cart is the most important mean the supermarket provides its customers with in order to help them do the shopping. This is why all plastic supermarket shopping carts such as the Polycarts, full of benefits, become very profitable for the stores.

Minimum steal rate. Not worthy as metal scrap.

Minimum steal rate

Retail companies are aware of the huge annual cost caused by the high index of shopping cart withdraws that happen at their stores. These shopping cart withdraws have several reasons that affect differently over the total cost.

One type are the sporadic withdraws due to customers which don't return the shopping cart because they take it to transport the shopping to their homes, which usually are located close to the store so the next time they go shopping they bring the shopping cart back. Another cause is to use them in condominiums to take the shopping from the garage to the apartments. Also some shopping carts are stolen by homeless people that use them to transport their belongings or by other people which take them to transport tools or other heavy items they use for their jobs at mobile locations. For all these stealing causes there are several technologies available that prevent the shopping carts from working properly once they surpass a certain perimeter distance around the store.

But the main reason for supermarket shopping carts withdraws is the massive stealing intended to resell them as metal scrap. This kind of steal is completely eradicated by the Polycarts since they don't have any value as metal scrap because they are made entirely in plastic.

They Never rust.

The Polycarts are entirely made in plastic. This feature makes them the perfect supermarket shopping carts for places that bear extreme climates (places with lots of rain or snow, stores close to the coast, etc...) where metallic and hybrid shopping carts suffer a lot due to oxidation.

All plastic shopping cart.  Never Rusts

They Never lose their original shape. Castors always well aligned and easy nesting and denesting during all its lifespan.

The polypropylene, the raw material of which the Polycart is made, features the property of being elastic and keeping memory of its original shape. This way, the Polycart will always keep the shape both of its basket and chassis not being affected by hits or weary of use. Therefore it will always nest and denest easily and will roll with all the castors perfectly aligned with themselves as well as with the floor, avoiding the annoying diagonal advance effect which is characteristic of supermarket shopping carts with metal chassis.

This feature, together with its low weight, benefit the customers with a better shopping experience inviting them to stay longer in the store and, consequently, leading them to buy more items.

Long lasting.

Due to their lack of rust, minimum steal rate and shape keeping, the Polycarts triple in lifespan compared to supermarket shopping carts made with metal. The Polycarts are made following the highest quality standards. Nevertheless, we give 3 year warranty against any manufacturing fault.

Minimum impact damage on fixtures.

Minimizes impact damage on fixtures.

The Polycarts are designed with curved shapes and without any sharp edges nor corners. Their light weight, one third of that of a conventional metallic shopping cart, minimizes the impact's moment of inertia. The Polycart, made in plastic, doesn't scratch the store's fixtures, walls or glass.

The Polycart minimizes as well the damages that would suffer the customers or their vehicles, reducing possible lawsuits and making the store a safer place.

Attractive, identifiable and distinguishing design.

The Polycart's design is very pleasant with its rounded shapes and its innovative image. All this provides the store with a differentiation that makes it exclusive for its customers and against its competitors. The Polycart can be customized by fitting the colours of several pieces to the store's corporate image.

Attractive, identifiable and distinguishing design.

Source of income. Communication mean.

Source of income. Communication mean.

The Polycarts have been designed to be able to hold up to 4 advertising display panels around their basket. Due to the design of the outer sides of the basket, these display panels are completely protected to avoid the friction produced when shopping carts are nested and denested. Therefore, the Polycarts are able to hold side display panels besides the front inner and outer panels. This way, the communication capacity of the Polycarts doubles that of the rest of shopping carts.

The display panels may be used to manage the following types of advertising campaigns:

  • Internal Communication: Season greetings, store opening dates and hours, credit card acceptance conditions, parking use conditions, store offers brochure publishing dates, etc...
  • Own advertising: Corporative branding, store brands, loyalty cards, telecommunication services, travels, insurances, financial services, gas, offers, etc...
  • Third parties' advertising: Either managed by the retail company itself or selling the display panels through specialized advertising agencies.

Advertising on the supermarket shopping carts is a way to communicate the messages by going along with the customer during all the shopping process, and featuring at the same time mobile visual impacts all over the store as the shopping carts move. The results of this type of advertising are very profitable.

Savings on transportation and space. Minimum nesting distance.

Savings on transportation and space.

The narrow nesting distance of the Polycarts, between 160 mm. (6.30 inch.) or 250 mm. (9.84 inch.) depending on the model, together with their light weight, make it possible to transport a much larger number of Polycarts per truck or container than other shopping carts, with important savings on transportation and storage costs.

Light weight. Easy in-line transport.

Another benefit of the narrow nesting distance and lightness of the Polycarts is the easiness of in-line transport they feature for the staff in charge of managing the collection and maintenance of shopping carts.

Light weight. Easy in-line transport.

Robust. Compact.

The Polycart is the most robust all plastic shopping cart.

Robust, Compact.

Made in Valencia according to the ISO 9001:2000 and UNE EN 1929-1 norms.

The Polycarts are made in Valencia (Spain) by Industrias Tomás Morcillo, S.L., a company with a wide experience manufacturing plastic injection molding products for the most demanding industrial sectors. Industrias Tomás Morcillo is equipped with the state of the art machinery for plastics injection molding and mold tool manufacturing and design, being certified according to the quality standard ISO 9001.

The location of the manufacturing plant in Valencia is strategically advantageous from the transport point of view because it is very close to one of the most important commercial ports in the world as well as next to the main road communication axis of Southern Europe.

The Polycarts are made according to the european norm UNE EN ISO 1929-1:1998 that rules the requirements and tests needed for shopping carts with or without child seat. AIMPLAS, the Technological Institute of Plastics, at its Physical & Mechanical and Metrology Laboratories carries out on the Polycarts the needed technical tests, guaranteeing the quality and good performance of the products.

Future ready. 100% Compatible with RFID automated checkout.

100% Compatible RFID

The Radiofrequency Identification (RFID) labels are destined to replace the bar codes in the near future. When that happens the check out lines, as well as the metallic shopping carts at the stores are destined to disappear, being replaced by plastic shopping carts and radiofrequency arc scanners. This way, by just going under an arc-scanner we will be able to have our shopping ticket ready, not having to place one by one all the items from our shopping cart onto the check out counter, resulting on savings, increase of efficiency and better shopping experience by virtually eliminating customer lines at checkout.

The metallic shopping cart causes interferences when read by an arc-scanner which reduces its liability.

The Polycarts are 100% compatible with the RFID electronic label and the arc-scanners for automated checkout. They are completely transparent for these reading devices.

Benefits for the Shoppers

For many grocery customers, specially those who are older, the shopping experience becomes traumatic due to shopping carts they can't drive properly. This is caused both by the overweight of these shopping carts and the lack of a proper castor alignment which make the shopping carts to advance at their free will.

The Polycarts manage to completely remove all customer reticences on using shopping carts.

Comfortable. Lightweight. Easy to handle.

The Polycart full of items weighs less than most empty metallic shopping carts. Due to the memory of the material they are made of, they keep the right alignment of the castors during all their lifespan, which results into high manoeuvrability even after many years of use. It is a pleasure to handle them, due to their lightweight, their high manoeuvrability and the curved shape of their thicker handle, which features perfect ergonomics with the user.

Comfortable.  Lightweight.  Easy to handle.


The store that implements the Polycarts experiences a remarkably reduction of noise, improving both the customers' and employees' environment. This issue is specially important at stores placed at ground floor commercial premises under residential buildings, where the noise produced by metallic shopping carts becomes annoying for the neighbours.

Safer for children, customers and vehicles.

Safe for children

The child seat of the Polycarts is designed having security in mind, with a triple seat back support system.

The Polycart is able to hold children of up to 18 Kg. (40 lbs.) of weight seated on its child seat. It has passed the stability and resistance tests according to the European norm UNE EN ISO 1929-1.

All Polycarts which feature child seat can be equipped with seat belts as a restraint system to prevent that, in case the adult that rules the shopping cart looses attention, the child doesn't stand on the seat and fall out of the shopping cart.

Its design with rounded shapes lacks sharp edges, what, together with its light weight, minimizes damages due to possible impacts both on people and vehicles.

The design of the sides of the Polycart which are close to the child seat avoid children from putting their hands or fingers through the basket, preventing this way possible wrist or finger fractures which would be caused when passing along other shopping carts or the store's fixtures.

Sides by the child seat that avoid children to put their hands through the basket

It is made of virgin polypropylene and colour pigments approved for food contact, which don't transmit toxic substances to the food it may hold nor to the children who may come into contact with the Polycart.

Concerning hygiene, the lack of rust due to the shopping carts being fully made of plastic, and the absence of sharp metal bars prevent the shopping carts to cause injuries that could get infected with tetanus if caused by rusted metal. This lack of oxidation allows their periodical washing in order to keep them always hygienic.

Polypropylene, the raw material the Polycart is made of is much gentle than metal when a person gets hit by. This is specially important when a child gets hit, because, due to the height of both the child and the shopping cart, the part of the child that suffers the most is the head.

The Polycarts don't cause sparks due to discharges of static electricity accumulated in people. These sparks are very usual when people come into contact with the metallic shopping carts.

High quality castors with bearings and hubcaps which prevent the tangle of threads into the castor axles.

The castors of the Polycarts are of the highest quality, with bearings so the rolling of the shopping cart is always smooth and even. They also have hubcaps to avoid the tangle of threads from the floor.

High quality castors with bearings and hubcaps which prevent the tangle of threads.
High quality castors with bearings and hubcaps which prevent the tangle of threads.

Recyclable. Eco Friendly.

Recyclable. Eco Friendly.

The Polycarts are the most efficient shopping carts from the environmental point of view. They are green shopping carts in all aspects of their lifespan: manufacturing, transportation, use and recycling:

  • Clean Manufacturing Process.: Made of 100% recyclable plastic, without chromeplating processes avoiding the production of toxic residues, made with an efficient use of water.
  • More efficient transportation: Less weight and shorter nesting distance allow a larger amount of shopping carts per transport with a lower fuel consumption.
  • Longer lifespan: Their reduced steal rate, the lack of oxidation and their good performance throughout time make the Polycarts to triple lifespan compared to metallic shopping trolleys.
  • Easier and cleaner recycling process: Plastic which is easily recyclable at any local plastics recycling plant.