The Valencian company launches a shopping cart adapted to the European market

The Polycart brand begins to market the new P180 shopping cart model with capacity for 180 liters.

The creation of this product responds to the demand in the European market of a plastic shopping cart entirely made of plastic, with a volume of 180 liters. This trolleys segment is widely accepted in the Nordic and Central European countries.

The new model, designed by Tomás Morcillo, is fully recyclable and it's made of plastic, the basket is made of polypropylene, and the chasis of poliamide.

Advantages for supermarket customers

The P180 basket includes three handles, one in the front and two on the sides for easy handling in store. Therefore, its comfort and easy of use, as usual in the models of this brand, are some of the advantages that this plastic shopping cart offers to the final consumer, in order to improve his shopping experience.

In the same way, like all Polycart models, which are made of plastic, the P180 is fully compatible with the remote product identification system based on RFID Tags.

Plastic shopping carts manufactured by the industrial Tomás Morcillo

Plastic shopping carts

Currently Polycart, with the addition of the P180 to its catalogue, has 13 supermarket plastic shopping carts. A range from 75 to 240 liters to cover the needs of any customer. The Valencian company also markets the B65 basket, which in recent years has become one of its top sellers.

Polycart, in this way, thanks to innovation and continuous development in the design and manufacture of products for the equipping of commercial establishments, annually increases its sales in the plastic shopping carts and basket sector at national and international level, and especially in Europe.

Hypermarket shopping cart with capacity for 180 liters totally made of plastic.

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