A plastic cart designed for customer comfort

This shopping trolley is an ideal solution for small volume purchases. It is also known as the B75 basket trolley.

A 75-liter shopping cart Consumption habits of supermarket customers have changed. So it is usual to make several small weekly purchases instead of of a large weekly purchase. Therefore, it is important to adapt to the changes of any market agent.

Features of the Polycart plastic shopping trolley

One of the main advantages of this cart model, compared to the traditional supermarket basket, is the improvement of product accessibility. Allow to download the purchase at the supermarket comfortably without bending down and without forcing your back. In this way, the basket trolley provides a better shopping experience for the customer.

A light and manageable shopping cart

It is also extremely compact and lightweight, with a weight of only 8,5 kg. In addition, it has three handles to increase its ease of handling.Two located on the sides and one on the front of the basket.

The shopping trolley on the market that best fit together

Fittability is its strength, because this plastic shopping cart adds for each additional one only 100 mm. Therefore, store storage and transport in container or truck is easier.

The shopping cart is made entirely of plastic, is light and comfortable

A customizable shopping cart

This plastic shopping cart, like the rest of those manufactured by Polycart, can produce to customer needs reinforcing the image, thanks to its wide range of basket colors, the folding, and the possibility to customize the handle of the shopping cart with the company logo.

You can find all the technical details of the plastic shopping trolley by visiting the technical data sheet of this product on our website.