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B65 Smooth Basket

The logical basket. Our B65 is a simple basket, comfortable, of excellent quality and cost-performance ratio. It is a fully customizable product, both for the variety of colors, and for the inclusion of the customer's image through our non-removable printed label system. The user comfort is guaranteed by the large capacity, a handle with rounded edges (without nerves), as well as additional handles in the basket itself.


Plastic Basket B65

Length 50 mm
Width 40 mm
Height 86 mm
Basket volume 65 Liters
Nesting distance 82 mm
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Like all polycart products, made of plastic, the B65 is fully compatible with the remote product identification system based on RFID tags.




In the B65, we can choose the colors of the basket and the handle, depending on availability within the standard colors (Grey Ral 7015, Red Ral 3000, Orange Ral 2004, Green Ral 6024, Yellow Ral 1023 or Blue Ral 5002), being able to make custom colors in orders of more than 500 units.



The B65 is manufactured in two pieces, this way we can assemble each of the two pieces of a different color, improving the design of the store.


Etiqueta personalizada

Personalization of the basket through IML technology, which allows us to integrate the printed label in four-colour printing in the basket. This system prevents the label from being easily removed by hand.



The B65 mounts the best quality wheels, well above those used in supermarket baskets. The rear wheel is 75mm in diameter, and the front wheel is 50mm.


Transport and warehouse

20' container
x Baskets
Medidas Polycart P100
40' container
x Baskets
Medidas Polycart P100


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