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B65 Eco Smooth Basket

The B65 Eco Basket is committed to protecting the environment, the reduction in the use of raw materials and the reduction of energy consumption and CO2 emissions on the planet. It is made with post-consumption recycled materials, and certified by Blue Angel, the most renowned certifier for these matters in the world.
Polycart supports the circular economy and the sustainability through environmentally friendly production processes.
The B65 shopping basket has a capacity of 65 litres. It weighs less than 2 and a half kilos, making it very light, handy and stackable. It has a handle with rounded edges. And the basket includes two handles on the sides.


Polycart ecological supermarket hand basket B65 Eco

Length 499 mm
Width 387 mm
Height 925 mm
Basket volume 65 Liters
Nesting distance 82 mm
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The B75 supermarket shopping basket is sold with travelator plastic wheels


All polycart models, made of plastic, are fully compatible with the remote product identification system based on RFID tags.

A supermarket basket has to be light to facilitate its use for quick purchases. Our shopping basket is perfect for small purchases.

Customized label

Basket customization using IML technology, which allows the four-colour printed label to be integrated into the basket. This system prevents the label from being easily removable by hand.

The B65 shopping basket is currently marketed in more than 25 countries thanks to its customizable aesthetics, comforts and functionality

Rubber wheels

It has 75 mm fixed rear wheels and 50 mm swiveling front wheels.



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