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B75 Basket Trolley

The B75 Basket Cart is intended to replace hand baskets in tineda. It is an extremely compact and manageable trolley, with three handles for its handling. Fitting is its strength, as this trolley adds only 100 mm for each additional one.


Plastic Basket-Trolley B75

Length 669 mm
Width 550 mm
Height 1002 mm
Basket volume 78 Liters
Max load 60 Kg
Nesting distance 100 mm
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The B75's small basket includes 3 handles, a front handle and two side handles for easy in-store handling. In this trolley we have developed a new concept of maximum operating comfort, including the handles, in addition to a Standard Handle like the one mounted on large trolleys. In this small cart we have put all our experience in the design of carts, in order to offer a real alternative to the baskets, and a very competitive product.



The B75 includes a handy hanger, so you can hang your bag, a bag, or anything else you want.



Like all polycart models, made of plastic, the P240 is fully compatible with the remote product identification system based on RFID tags.



Plastic Wheel

The B75 is manufactured as standard with 100 mm plastic wheel, an excellent quality wheel with plastic fork. Optionally we offer the same wheel but with a diameter of 125 mm.

125 travelator wheel

This wheel manufactured in polyurethane by ITM in Valencia, offers a good quality of rolling, in addition to a perfect anchorage in most escalators on the market.



In all the P series we distinguish two colour zones, one relative to the basket as the main piece, and the other relative to the rest of the components (baby carrier set, trays and accessories). The basket is manufactured in gray Ral 7015 as a standard color (it has no cost and we usually have stock), any other color is an option with extra cost that is manufactured to order (45 days delivery time). With respect to the rest of the accessories, they can be of any of the standard series colours (Grey Ral 7015, Red Ral 3000, Orange Ral 2004, Green Ral 6024, Yellow Ral 1023 or Blue Ral 5002), free of charge and with permanent stock. Consult the possibility of custom colors.


Standard Handle B75

The B75 has its own handle with central promobox display, included as standard, is manufactured in ASA-PC , combining great mechanical strength, an excellent surface finish and enough space for customization.


Transport and warehouse

20' container
x400 Trolleys
Medidas Polycart b75
40' container
x1080 Trolleys
Medidas Polycart b75
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