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The Polycart F150 is designed for gardening and cash and carry stores, that require large load capacity carts. It has a 35 litre basket, and a loading platform for bulky products, such as boards, windows or doors.


Polycart Platform shopping cart F150

Length 1014 mm
Width 585 mm
Height 1052 mm
Basket volume 185 Liters
Max load 185 Kg
Nesting distance 250 mm
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All polycart models, made of plastic, are fully compatible with the remote product identification system based on RFID tags.


Lath holder

The lath holder is an opening in the basket to guide long and thin products to the corner save guard, to gain manageability and comfort during purchase.


Corner saver

The corner saver is an elastic film, located in the lower tray of the platform shopping cart, designed to support laths without marking them.


Lath Stopper

The lath stopper prevents long objects placed on the platform from moving forward.




125 mm rubber wheel

Wheel with plastic fork, manufactured by TENTE. Its tyre is made of polyurethane, it has precision rotating bearings, with two ball rows, and anti-thread hubcap.

125 travelator plastic wheel

This wheel is manufactured in polyurethane by ITM in Valencia. Offers a good quality of rolling, in addition to a perfect anchorage in most escalators on the market. In some cases, ramp wheels can be offered with different braking technologies, from other manufacturers, such as Mecanarte or TENTE.



In the F series we can choose the colour of the basket (the possible options are Grey Ral 7015, Red Ral 3000, Orange Ral 2004, Green Ral 6024, Yellow Ral 1023 and Blue Ral 5002 ). The Lath holder, Lath holder, Lath Stopper and Lath Stopper are manufactured in Red Ral 3000 and the rest of the components in Grey Ral 7015.


Standard Handle

It is made of ASA-PC in grey colour RAL 7015. It has great mechanical resistance, is easy to clean and very ergonomic. It also has a display (89 mm long by 48 mm wide) to place a logo.

Standard Handle with coin lock

By default, we offer the Systec Smartloc model, the world leading coin lock manufacturer. It is a small size model. The coin symbol is visible on the front. It can also have two different size coin slots. The key and chain are made of rustproof stainless steel.

Ecogrip Handle

The Systec Ecogrip handle, 293 mm long by 54 mm wide, has a display, to show the store logo or any other desirable information. Optionally, it can incorporate a built-in coin mechanism, available for almost all coins in the world, as well as tokens. It is offered by default in grey colour RAL 7015, although other colours can be studied for large orders.

Relaxt Handle

The Systec Relaxt handle offers great ergonomics. Its shape allows a more comfortable grip to facilitate the manoeuvrability of the shopping cart. It has the largest display surface of all the handles offered by Polycart. It is available in two finishes. In 182 mm long by 120 mm wide and in 142 mm long by 120 mm wide.
Optionally, it can incorporate a built-in coin mechanism, scanner holder, for both Motorola and Datalogic scanners; drink holder and magnifying glass. It is available for almost all coins in circulation and token types. It is offered by default in grey colour RAL 7015, although other colours can be studied for large orders.

Transport and warehouse

20' container
x120 Trolleys
Medidas Polycart P100
40' container
x270 Trolleys
Medidas Polycart P100
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