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P100 Urban shopper

The Polycart P100 is a trolley designed for small to medium sized urban proximity shops. It is also well suited as an auxiliary cart in larger supermarkets and hypermarkets.


Shopping Cart Polycart P100

Length 806 mm
Width 580 mm
Alto 979 mm
Basket volume 099 Litros
Max load 080 Kg
Nesting distance 160 mm
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Like all polycart models, made of plastic, the P100 is fully compatible with the remote product identification system based on RFID tags.



125 Plastic Wheel

The P100 is manufactured as standard with a 125 mm plastic wheel, an excellent quality wheel with plastic fork.

125 travelator wheel

This wheel manufactured in polyurethane by ITM in Valencia, offers a good quality of rolling, in addition to a perfect anchorage in most escalators on the market.



In the entire P series we distinguish two colour zones, one relating to the basket as the main piece and the other relating to the rest of the components (baby carrier set, trays and accessories). The basket is manufactured in grey Ral 7015 as standard colour (it has no cost and we usually have stock), any other colour is an option with extra cost that is manufactured under order (45 days delivery time). With respect to the rest of the accessories, they can be of any of the standard series colours (Grey Ral 7015, Red Ral 3000, Orange Ral 2004, Green Ral 6024, Yellow Ral 1023 or Blue Ral 5002), free of charge and with permanent stock. Consult the possibility of custom colors.


Standard Handle

Our Standard Handle, included as standard, is manufactured in ASA-PC , combining high mechanical strength, an excellent surface finish and sufficient space for customization.

Coin-operated version

The coin-operated version includes the Systec Smartloc model, which is available for almost all coins in the world, as well as tokens.

Ecogrip Handle

The Ecogrip handle has more room for the customer's image. The version with coin mechanism incorporates the Systec built-in coin mechanism.

Relax Handle

It is the most complete model of handle, with a large space for customer advertising, as well as the possibility of incorporating scanner holder, magnifying glass or cup holder.



The Polycart seat is designed to be comfortable and safe. It has a load limit of 15Kg.


Lower Tray

The lower tray is designed to place bulky products that would occupy us too much in the basket, leaving space available in the basket for other products.


Safety Belt

We believe in the safety belt as a differentiating element, which brings confidence and satisfaction to the user. This is why Polycart carts are prepared to incorporate it in all models with a child seat.


Transport and warehouse

20' container
x256 Trolleys
Medidas Polycart P100
40' container
x700 Trolleys
Medidas Polycart P100
Space calculator


Data Sheet

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