Polycart. 100% Ready for RFID Automated Check Out


The Radiofrequency Identification (RFID) labels are destined to replace the bar codes in the near future. When that happens the check out lines, as well as the metallic shopping trolleys at the stores are destined to disappear, being replaced by all plastic shopping trolleys and radiofrequency arc scanners. This way, by just going under an arc-scanner we will be able to have our shopping ticket ready, not having to place one by one all the items from our shopping trolley onto the check out counter, resulting on savings, increase of efficiency and better shopping experience by virtually eliminating customer lines at checkout.

The metallic shopping trolley causes interferences when read by an arc-scanner which reduces its liability.

The Polycart is 100% compatible with the RFID electronic label and the arc-scanners for automated checkout. It is completely transparent for these reading devices.

AECOC, Spanish Association of Retail Codes (Asociación Española de Códigos de Comercio), at its demo center in Barcelona, shows the Polycart as the first shopping trolley already 100% compatible with RFID Technology together with the state of the art technology for electronic labelling.

IBM is using the Polycart in the United States at its RFID electronic labelling demos.

How does the Polycart work with RFID automated checkout

Nowadays RFID tags are used to protect against robbery those products of a higher value, such as clothing, alcoholic beverages or electronics. The lack of interferences of the Polycart with radio waves increases the accuracy of the detection of these products provided with RFID labels by the security arc scanners of the check outs.

Radiofrequency tags are also used to prevent the non authorised exit out of the store of the shopping carts themselves, specially at stores without parking lot, and at those stores where the P100 works as an auxiliary shopping cart replacing baskets with wheels, or at stores with shopping carts provided with infant seat. The tag is hidden inside any of the pieces of the Polycart so when the shopping cart goes through the security arc scanners placed at the exit of the store, these automatically alert about the intention of exiting with the shopping cart.