nuevo carro cesta de plástico b75 de polycart

Plastic supermarket trolleys and baskets

Polycart presente en supermercados y mercados. Verduras
A Whole Cart
Full of Benefits
Carros de plástico con comodidad de almacenaje
Polycart plastic trolleys, are lighter and easy to handle, for customers and for shop assistants. Make shopping a pleasant experience..
Carrito de supermercado de plástico sin esquinas ni aristas
Its design of rounded shapes, has no corners or edges, which together with its lightness, minimizes damage from possible impacts on both people and parking vehicles.
Carros de plástico de colores. Personalizado a su imagen corporativa
Plastic Polycart carts allow a high level of personalization, both in colors and in reinforcing the brand image within the store.
Carros polycart de plástico resistentes a las inclemencias del tiempo y a la corrosión
Plastic Polycart carts are more resistant to corrosion as well as impacts. We estimate a useful life of more than 10 years..
Carros con excelencia de acabados que incrementan las ventas
Increase in sales due to the greater ease of handling of the car by customers.
Carros de plástico 100% reciclables
Manufactured in 100% recyclable polymers. Manufacturing consumes less energy and does not use electrolytic baths. More ecological transport due to its reduced weight.
Ruedas de carrito de supermercado súper silenciosas
The Polycart shopping trolleys are ideal for stores located in low commercial housing buildings and in all stores where noise is a problem.
Carros de supermercado muy atractivos por su integración con la tienda
Innovative design, potentiator of the corporate image. They reinforce the aesthetics of the store.
Carros sin valor en el mercado secundario.
Reduced theft rate. Unlike metal cars our cars have no value in the secondary market.

Benefits for the Supermarket

  • Reduced robbery rate. They have no value as scrap metal.
  • Long service life. Does not rust. 3 years warranty.
  • Non-deformable. Wheels always well aligned and uniform fit.
  • Minimize impact damage to furniture.
  • Attractive, identifiable and differentiating design.
  • Source of funds. Communication Billboard
  • Lightweight. Easy chain transport.
  • Saves space and transport. Minimum nesting distance.
  • Robust. Compact.
  • Manufactured in Valencia (Spain) according to ISO 9001:2000 and UNE EN 1929-1 standards.
  • Prepared for the future. 100% compatible with automatic invoicing via RFID.

Benefits for your customers

  • Comfortable. Easy to handle. Eliminate the annoying diagonal advance of metal trolleys.
  • Lightweight.
  • Noiseless.
  • Child-safe.
  • Removes static electricity discharges.
  • Material apto para uso alimentario.
  • No corners or edges.
  • Minimize damage to people and vehicles.
  • Bearings and hubcaps that prevent the entry of fibers in the axles of the wheels.
  • Recyclable. Environmentally friendly. Significant reduction in energy consumption in manufacturing, transport and recycling.

The Polycarts are the lightest and most robust of the new generation of shopping carts, making shopping an easy, pleasant and comfortable experience.

Injected in plastic and adaptable to any corporate color, they offer many advantages.


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