Plastic Shopping carts Polycart
Plastic Shopping carts Polycart
Plastic Shopping carts Polycart


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Stacked shopping carts
Plastic self-service shopping carts are lighter and easier to handle for customers and store operators.
Closeup view of supermarket cart
Thanks to the rounded shapes and lack of sharp edges, these shopping trolleys minimize damage due to impact on the customers and their vehicles parked or driving at the parking lot.
Supermarket baskets
The chassis of the car is grey, but both the basket and the accessories can be chosen in the desired color.
Blue shopping cart
Plastic shopping carts never rust. The elasticity of the material always keeps it in good condition. Its average useful life is more than 10 years.
Trolley handle
The comfort of our shopping carts favours the time the customers spend shopping, which ends in a notable increase of the total income.
Shopping cart sale
Our shopping carts, made of 100% recyclable polymers, consume less energy in their manufacturing than the metallic ones. In addition, no electrolytic baths are used. On the other hand, its transport is more ecological, due to its low weight.
Super market trolley wheel
The Polycarts are very silent, and therefore ideal for shops located on the commercial ground floor of residential buildings.
Plastic shopping cart detail
Attractive, identifiable and differentiating design.
Cup holder on a shopping cart
Reduced robbery rate. Unlike metal shopping carts, our carts have no value as scrap on the market.

Benefits for the supermarket

  • Reduced robbery rate. They have no value as scrap metal.
  • Its life span is longer than that of metal carts. Mainly because they do not rust.
  • All our carts have a 3 year warranty.
  • They have an attractive, robust and compact design, that is totally identifiable, and that differentiates it from the rest of the carts on the market.
  • Lightweight. Minimum nesting distance. Easy chain transport.
  • Manufactured according to ISO 9001:2000 and UNE EN 1929-1 standards.
  • Prepared for the future. 100% compatible with automatic invoicing via RFID.

Benefits for your customers

  • Comfortable. Easy to handle. Eliminate the annoying diagonal advance of metal trolleys.
  • Lightweight, comfortable, silent and easy to handle.
  • Thanks to the rounded shapes and lack of sharp edges, these shopping trolleys minimize the damage due to impact on the customers and their vehicles. They are therefore also safer for children and the elderly.
  • Our carts remove static electricity discharges.
  • The cart basket is made of plastic suitable for food use.
  • For hygiene reasons, the wheels have hubcaps to avoid the tangle of threads and dirt from the floor.

Benefits for the environment

  • Cleaner manufacturing: made of recyclable material, without chrome processes, and with an efficient use of water.
  • More efficient transport: their narrow nesting distance and lightness makes it possible to transport a much larger number of shopping carts per truck or container than other shopping carts. Consequently there is less fuel consumption.
  • Long lasting: due to their lack of rust and minimum steal rate, our shopping carts triple in lifespan compared to shopping carts made with metal.


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